Friday, February 12, 2010

Drugged for Carnival

I'm sick and tired. Literally. I've managed to catch some flu-like thing here that seems to be getting progressively worse rather than better, and just as things are taking off for me. I guess it's a lesson in patience and a blessing in disguise to keep me from blowing off my work and spending loads of money going out every day. It's always good to have someone or something to keep you in check. The good news is that here most pharmacies sell antibiotics without a prescription. As I'm one to pride myself on my ability to self-diagnose and self-medicate with absolutely no medical training, in my feverish haze last night I got myself a Z-pac. I may have inherited minor hypochondriac tendencies from my mother, but I have to be close to comatose before I'll check myself into a clinic here. Not that clinics here are bad--they're just not absolutely sterile. I'll be thrilled to live in Germany some day...

My cold arrived in time for Carnival in Rio. Technically Carnival starts tomorrow, but pre-Carnival has been going on for over a couple weeks now. All-night block parties and parades and chaos are around every corner, and people wish each other a "Happy Carnival!" with the same enthusiasm as if to congratulate a woman on giving birth to her first child. It's quite a spectacle.

And while everyone else is out getting obscenely drunk this weekend, I'll be in journalist mode, writing articles 6 and 7 for the Rio Times (in between beach time and block parties, of course). Check out my articles at:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Carnival!

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