Saturday, September 25, 2010

I suppose I am a writer...

I love someecards. I can always find a horribly inappropriate card to send to a friend when I'm feeling stressed or upset. At least it's better than taking up smoking.

On another note...

The other day, my friend Wendy reminded me just how special it is that I've been published and told me to toot my own horn a bit more about it. I've posted links on my Facebook profile but for the most part, have left it at that. In part it has taken me this long to accept the fact that yes, perhaps I am a writer, because I'm too stubborn to hear it from someone else. I have to come to terms with it on my own and believe that it came from within me rather than from external influences. In any case, it's about time I get excited about this so here I go:

Here is our article in National Geographic En Español (The Latin American edition, not Spain), published in June.

And this our article in The Ecologist, published in July.

And here is a link to the various articles I wrote for the Rio Times while in Brazil earlier this year.



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