Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Tales

(Photo by Eduardo Rubiano Moncada)

I've been far too exhausted to write anything this week; several weeks of intense work and travel were followed by five days of intense creativity and feminine energy at Squam by the Sea. I returned home joyous and nearly comatose in time to celebrate my birthday three days later. I had a spectacular birthday and the amount of love and good energy I received absolutely blew me away, but the festivities left me drained. Today, Halloween, I'm still struggling to be able to think straight. All I want to do is rest, and I have a mere week to prepare for my return to Brazil for a month-long project throughout the country. I'm inclined to hide under my bed for the next few weeks and hope nobody notices.

While my mind and body re-group, I thought I'd share an appropriate story given today's date. The image above was taken a couple weeks ago, the day my pumpkin found me. The site wasn't a true pumpkin patch; actually, the pumpkin refuge was on the lot of a local church where the pumpkin-sellers would lure their customers in with their good-looking produce and then go into brainwashing mode... I managed to escape unharmed and without offending anyone.

A few days later, my pumpkin took a road trip with me down to the Outer Banks. He sat proudly on the dining table at Squam for the duration of the workshop, waiting expectantly to be carved, and then reluctantly got back in the car with me and returned to southern Virginia. I'd had him for nearly a week at that point and had grown rather attached to his firm, round, orange surface. I do hate that pumpkins rot so quickly once you carve them; I suppose on some level I was avoiding the inevitable. Upon returning to Virginia, I decided that it was time. And my craving for pumpkin seeds had become unbearable.

Here is a photo of the pumpkin awaiting his fate:

And here is the final product:

Yes, I realize the carving job is a little mediocre. And I'm fine with that. Part of my ongoing effort to keep it simple.

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